Thursday, January 15, 2015

Marooned man

This is the headland of sea-washed Lemnos, land untrodden by men and desolate. It was here, child bred of the man who was the noblest of the Greeks, Neoptolemus son of Achilles, that I exposed long ago the native of Malis, Poeas' son, on the express command of the two chieftains to do so, because his foot was all running with a gnawing disease.

Our next play, Sophocles Philoctetes, can be found with both Jebb and Torrance translations here at Perseus. There's also a complete, but different, version of Jebb's translation here.

I still aim to say a few more things about Women of Trachis before turning the blog over to the man with Heracles' bow.

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