Thursday, August 22, 2013

Visualizing texts: The Agamemnon

Folks from U-Missouri-Kansas City are developing interesting modes of visualizing the linguistic components of Greek tragedies, as well as analyzing the social networks of the characters. Here's the Agamemnon -- mouse lightly over the characters and see data appear. 

A portion of the textual properties of the character, Agamemnon:
Speaks 5.66% of dialogue
Average Sentence Length: 10.29 
Characteristic Vocabulary:
  • bai/nw to walk, step
  • no/sos sickness, disease, malady
  • pou/s a foot
  • fqo/nos ill-will, envy, jealousy
  • me/nw to stay at home, stay where one is, not stir
  • se/bw to worship, honour
  • *)/argos shining, bright, glistening not working the ground, living without labour
  • a(bru/nw to make delicate, treat delicately

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