Monday, October 04, 2010

Next Up: King Lear, the Heavy Metal Tour?

We owe our acquaintance with this priceless bit of news to Shaw -- who is keeping up with us from Seattle:
Like it or not, Western Civilization's great epic poems are being adapted into testosterone-oozing mega productions. In the past few years we've watched Brad Pitt strut around in a big screen version of "The Iliad" and seen Dante's "Inferno" became a Blockbuster gore-fest of a video game. I guess we can only wonder how "Paradise Lost" lasted so long.

This past week, Variety reported that an adaptation of Milton's epic poem will hit theaters in 2012 under the direction of Alex Proyas, whose credits include The Crow, Dark City, Knowing and I, Robot. More at HuffPo

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