Saturday, January 23, 2010

Two quotes from Brecht

GALILEO: Overnight the universe has lost its centre, and by morning it has countless ones. So that now each -- and none -- is regarded as its centre. For suddenly there is plenty of room.


THE VERY OLD CARDINAL: Are they still in there? Can they really not dispose of this triviality more quickly? Clavius ought to understand his own astronomy. I hear that this Signor Galilei banishes mankind from the center of the universe to some where at the edge. He is, therefore, plainly an enemy of the human race. And he should be treated as such. Man is the crown of creation; every child knows that, God’s highest and most beloved creature.

How could He place such a miracle, such a masterpiece, on a little remote and forever wandering star? Would He have sent His Son to such a place?
How can there be people so perverse as to believe in these slaves of their own mathematical tables? Which of God’s creatures would submit to such a thing? 

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