Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Milton is 401 and seven days

We belatedly acknowledge a milestone in Milton's career: He was 401 last Wednesday, Dec. 9.

There's a timeline of Milton and his legacy here, and some great illustrations of Paradise Lost here (thanks Shaw).

Here's a talk by Prof. Reynolds Price about Milton, followed by a reading from the poet's work that was held at Duke to celebrate his 400th birthday, last December:

DURHAM, NC -- Duke’s Blue Devil identity took on new meaning the afternoon of Dec. 9 as President Richard Brodhead assumed the role of Satan at a reading of John Milton’s epic poem, “Paradise Lost.”
Brodhead was joined by English professor Sarah Beckwith as Beelzebub and Gregson Davis, dean of humanities and professor of classical studies, as the narrator. The event, held in the Rare Book Room of Perkins Library, marked the 400th anniversary of Milton’s birth.

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