Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Two Links for Whitman

A Politically Incorrect Ode to Whitman

Whitman isn’t in
He will not be in
This year or the next

He’s gone out
Far out where the two
Americas meet like kissing whales


One’s-Self I Sing
As I Ponder’d in Silence
In Cabin’d Ships at Sea
To Foreign Lands
To a Historian
For Him I Sing
When I read the Book
Beginning my Studies
To Thee, Old Cause!


And even more.... - including the Preface to Leaves of Grass - one snip:

The greatest poet hardly knows pettiness or triviality. If he breathes into anything that was before thought small it dilates with the grandeur and life of the universe. He is a seer … he is individual … he is complete in himself … the others are as good as he, only he sees it and they do not. He is not one of the chorus … he does not stop for any regulation … he is the president of regulation.

(Unfortunately, the Bartleby site is marred by the infernal presence of an audio ad for Wal-Mart gift cards)

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