Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Opening 2 Samuel

There appear to be some major differences between 1 and 2 Samuel. For one, the triangle Saul - David - God is no longer generating story tension. David rises to what appears to be a seamless bond with the Lord - at least until he spies Bathsheba.

But 2 Samuel also begins with a man, a seeming wanderer:

2  It came even to pass1961 on the third7992 day,3117that, behold,2009 a man376 came935 out of4480 the camp4264 from4480 5973 Saul7586 with his clothes899rent,7167 and earth127 upon5921 his head:7218 and so it was,1961 when he came935 to413 David,1732 that he fell5307 to the earth,776 and did obeisance.7812 

He's about to spin a tale -- the tale will not be believed; in fact, speaking the death of Saul will occasion the death of this stranger. David is facing something more threatening than Goliath: a world of complex motives and lies that will demand from him -- and from us readers -- a hermeneutic of suspicion.

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